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15.2.24 Version History

What’s New

  • New class TIWTelegram (unit IWTelegram.pas). A quick and simple way to send messages to a Telegram channel, using Telegram API. Telegram API requires HTTPS protocol so the application needs OpenSSL libraries to establish a connection with Telegram (IW’s own Indy client is used in the background). Thanks to TeamZed member José Nilton Pace for the idea and first implementation code.
  • New IWjQGrid and IWjQDBGrid property RowSelectedStatus (boolean, Read-only) contains the selected status (selected/not selected) of the row during an OnAsyncSelectRow event.
  • RenderAsync capabilities for IWjQAccordion and IWjQPageControl
  • New function

TIWAppCache.DeleteFromCache(const aFileName: string): Boolean;

Removes a file from the file cache, deleting the associated file.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed IWTimer reset (disabling/enabling the timer should reset the time counter)
  • Fixed IWjQGrid, IWjQDBGrid, IWSelect, IWjQAccordion and IWjQPageControl registration on IDE for x64 bit projects
  • Fixed rare AV when re-rendeering IWjQAccordion and IWjQPageControl controls.
  • Fixed IWjQAccordion parented controls relative position


  • Better rendering of IWjQAccordion and IWjQPageControl (less flicker/redrawing when control is rendered the first time)

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