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We haven’t really blogged much lately about 17 however we post regular updates on our IntraWeb 17 Dev Chatter group on Facebook and there is LOTS going on with IntraWeb 17. We will try to post more on the blog, but please check out our other 17 channels as well.


IntraWeb 17 is coming along very well. It is far later than our initial plans both because of uncontrollable external factors, and also because we have increased the scope of what IntraWeb 17 will include. We realize customers don’t care about external issues, but they have been quite major and among them are major electricity supply issues and outages affecting the branch office where most 17 development work happens. We have installed a backup generator however there were issues with the generator, and the electricity supply issues were not simply outages but massive brownouts and surges which caused massive damages to equipment both computers (fortunately no data loss…we have good back ups!) and environmental controls.

Beta testers have been using IntraWeb 17 for quite some time now and we typically release several new betas per week.

If we stayed on the current track we were on target for a release by year end 2019. We had planned to release 17.0 and then later add a full visual WYSIWYG designer for 17.1. The designer for 17 is far more advanced than the 14/15 one, so it is not a simple matter of positioning using XY coordinates. Many of our users use templates anyway and the thus the designer is only used to drop controls in random locations and use the IDE. Thus, we felt for 17 the tree view would suit them well.

Unfortunately this has created a perception that 17 is “hard” to design layouts. This is an incorrect perception, but none the less it negatively affects videos and other presentations. Thus we are going to work on a partial WYSIWYG designer for 17, this however will push the public release out possible a bit more. We are still going to try to target year end 2019, but with this addition this may push it out to early 2020.

We will however be starting to release not just screenshots and occasional videos, but will start to release more videos.


We have decided to include the WYSIWYG designer in IntraWeb 17 which will definitely push the release date into early 2020. We continue to accept users with current subscriptions into the beta program however.

Want to see the designer? Check out this blog post.