IntraWeb History 15.1

15.1.5 Version History

What’s New

  • New property ServerController.SSLOptions.CertificateOptions which allows the user to set certificate path and file names. Path must be the same for all certificate files. If Path is left blank, application path will be used. If some file name is left blank, the default file name will be used.
  • SurrogateSessionId in ServerController.SecurityOptions. When set, IntraWeb will use an alternate unique ID in URL when SessionOptions.UniqueUrl = True. The actual session id is not exposed which increases application security (this option requires that cookies are also enabled)
  • CheckWindowId in ServerController.SecurityOptions. When set, IntraWeb will generate code to avoid that the same session is used in a different browser tab (e.g. the URL of an existing session is copied and used in a new browser tab).
  • DefaultBtnOnEnter in IWModalWindow

Bug fixes

  • Duplicate styles being generated when changing visibility of control. This could have adverse effect on rendering after an async event.
  • TIWCustomGrid would get wrong position and/or size after Async update
  • List index out of bounds error in TIWTemplateProcessorHTML when RenderStyles = True


  • Session ID is now 160 bits (vs 128 bits before)
  • Breaking change: New IWGrid property InnerTableCss. When set, IW will render class attribute for inner table using the property value
  • Removed server signature in Http.sys
  • More performance improvements