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CORS Support Now Available

IntraWeb 15.0.21 adds CORS (Cross-origin resource sharing) support. Most users never need this, but for those that do it now becomes possible.

CORS support was added for IntraWeb 17 to allow usage of IntraWeb 17 with WordPress, Joomla, and other CMS packages. It is however available and fully functional in 15 from 15.0.21.

By default CORS is disabled (Same as older versions). To enable CORS, set the ServerController.SecurityOptions.CorsOrigin property.

The values can be:

  • ” – CORS is disabled (default)
  • * – Any site can reference or embed your application. As * is not a valid value when cookies exist, IntraWeb will dynamically adjust the header on the fly to allow the same usage as *.
  • value – Value will be passed unchanged back to the browser. Typically the value is a site or domain such as which would restrict referencing and usage to as the origin.

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