IntraWeb History 15.0

15.0.18 Version History


What’s New

  • Delphi 10.3.1 Rio support.

Bug fixes

  • TIWDBImage image won’t load if vFileAccess is set to faRequireSession in ServerController OnValidateCacheFileAccess event
  • C++ Builder project templates (TIWStart and TIWStartHSys should call Execute class method directly)
  • IWEdit could render with no position information (top, left style Attributes) when NonEditableAsLabel = True
  • IWTree rendering would fail when using templates and TemplateProcessor.RenderStyles = False
  • In certain cases (AllowMultipleSessionsPerUser = True, CookieOptions.UseCookies = False) IW could fail to serve some static files (e.g. images) returning status 404 instead
  • ISAPI fails to load in Evaluation even when using localhost
  • When using templates, IW would fail to correctly render attribute names containing dashes (“-“), e.g. {%IWEDIT1 data-dom=”test” placeholder=”something”%}
  • TIWMimeTypes.GetAsString should not raise an exception when MIME type is not found
  • Favicon was not being cached correctly by the browser


  • Include RSIWAppSessionID in Exception logger when available
  • IWForm’s EnableImageToolbar is deprecated and removed from generated HTML

This version is not binary compatible with previous IW 15.0.17, meaning that 3rd party dependent libraries  (e.g. TMS or CG Dev Tools) need to be recompiled from sources.