IntraWeb History 15.0

15.0.16 Version History


What’s New

  • Delphi 10.3 Rio support!! (Please make sure you have at least build 26.0.32429.4364)
  • New Chrome App mode in Stand Alone (GUI). A new icon is now available in SA GUI which starts Chrome in App mode (new window with no toolbar and menu)

Bug fixes

  • Bug fix: Under rare circumstances, IWEdit could render wrong tag when NonEditableAsLabel = True
  • Bug fix: in TIWCustomEdit and descendant controls, Placeholder attribute was being cleared even when iaPlaceholder is not set (i.e. control shouldn’t render placeholder attribute)
  • Bug fix: Callback request could fail when trying to send the encodeURIComponent parameters. This only affects Http.sys applications
  • Other smaller fixes