IntraWeb History 15.0

15.0.11 Version History

What’s new

  • New property ServerController.SSLOptions.EnableACME, enables serving of Let’s Encrypt ACME challenge files automatically (subfolder acme-challenge)
  • Second round of IWTreeView enhancements. New properties and methods. Full Async support.
  • New class IWCGIRunner which runs CGI applications from IntraWeb in an isolated process
  • OnMetaTag event in ServerController
  • Property Attributes for IWDBMemo, IWDBEdit (as in IWMemo and IWEdit)
  • AutoScrollPos (published), BrowserScrollPosX, BrowserScrollPosY (public) properties introduced in TIWBaseForm

Bug fixes

  • Fixes OnValidateCacheFileAccess when AllowMultipleSessionsPerUser = True
  • Fixes issues with IWTabControl tab rendering
  • Setting multiple cookies in a Http.sys server response could fail
  • MappedURL in TContentForm could set wrong URL
  • Adding custom cookies in an Http.sys application would fail
  • Fixes possible install issue on RAD Studio 2009 and 2010


  • Empty ALT text for images which improves rendering
  • IWBoostrap redistributable files included in standard installation
  • Div elements do have tabIndex attribute in HTML 5 spec
  • Improved preformance of some core classes with inlining