IntraWeb History 15.0

15.0.7 Version History

What’s new

  • New methods THttpFile.ReadAllText and THttpFile.ReadAllBytes. They work similarly to RTL’s TFile.ReadAll* methods (unit System.IOUtils).
  • New ServerController event OnValidateCacheFileAccess which allows user to set grant cache file access on a per-file basis. Some customers have very tight cache file access requirements. This allows developers to grant/deny or require session validation before serving each file in session cache.
  • new property ThreadsPerCore and LimitThreadCountInDebug (Http.sys applications only). Read about them (and about Http.sys development) here:


  • IntraWeb will display better, more informative, error messages when handling access denied exceptions (Http.sys applications only).

Bug fixess

  • Fix in license validation: Under some circumstances eval reason could be blank
  • UrlBase added to start url in SA GUI application (Http.sys only)