Embarcadero Squirrel on Vacation Again

The squirrel on a wheel which powers the Embarcadero Forums has gone on vacation – again. The Embarcadero forums are thus down and inoperable, again.

Although we continue to use the Embarcadero forums when they are up, we would like to remind our customers that we also have web forums for support. In addition to Atozed product forums, these web forums also have General Delphi forums, and Indy forums as well. They also have both English and Portuguese sections.

We reached out to Pascal Delphinksi, Embarcadero’s
Senior Squirrel Wrangler for North America who explained the recurring problem in detail.

“We only have one squirrel and he simply cannot run on that wheel 24/7, so occasionally he needs a break. We have tried to train new squirrels for the task, but millennial squirrels are only interested in JavaScript and not real languages like Delphi or C++. We recently interviewed a candidate, but it turns out he was only interested in .NUT, not native code.”

“We also have a restriction from PETA on work hours for new squirrels which must be followed and has hampered our ability to expand our forums infrastructure.”

“Fortunately like most Delphi developers, our current forum squirrel is very dedicated and after some rest and relaxation he will be back at work.”

“We have launched an internal project called MOFO – Make Our Forums Online. It is going to take time though.”

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