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IWMD – IntraWeb MarkDown

Previously we introduced IntraWeb Markup Language (IWML). Today we introduce IntraWeb MarkDown (IWMD). IWMD is being developed for IntraWeb 17 but as it is so simple we may introduce it into 14 as well.

IWMD serves a simple purpose – to allow cleaner and easier input of basic and common HTML tags into labels and other controls. Currently in Label you can use Raw HTML to emit things such as bold and italics by entering the HTML tags directly. HTML tags tend to clutter up the text though, and IWMD offers a cleaner option for simple but common needs.

Currently only labels use IWMD, but other controls may support it in the future as needed. IWMD was used instead of standard MarkDown to allow easier processing in the browser and fit the precise needs of IntraWeb. Very likely in the future standard MarkDown will be supported as an alternative as well, or a specific MarkDown control implemented. IWMD does not require any real parsing, and can be implemented by simple search and replace operations.

IWMD currently supports:

  • Line Break
  • Bold
  • Italic

Sample IWMD

The IWMD is contained in the Text property of this IWML snippet:

  "Name": "LabelMarkdown",
  "Text": "Normal: Normal|Bold: [Bold]|Italic: {Italic}"


In the browser, this label appears as: