IntraWeb General

IntraWeb – To infinity and beyond

For the last several years IntraWeb 14 has been the current version. Despite not releasing using a new major version number IntraWeb 14 has added many major features during its life time. We have talked about IntraWeb 15 but we never released it as a production release.

For 2017 we have major plans. To avoid confusion, we are going to skip IntraWeb 15 and are currently concurrently planning IntraWeb 16 and 17.

In the coming weeks we will release more concrete information. Today we release only some basic directions.

IntraWeb 15

To avoid confusion with the many previous posts we had about IntraWeb 15 and reflect the new directions, we will be skipping 15 as a version number for IntraWeb.

IntraWeb 16

IntraWeb 16 will build on IntraWeb 14 and be backwards compatible with IntraWeb 14. If any breaking changes exist, they will be very minimal.

Some planned features include:

  • Linux support
  • Apache support (both Windows and Linux)
  • New IDE integration
  • New key system
  • Regional pricing with lower price points for emerging markets

IntraWeb 17

IntraWeb 17 is the big bang release. It will put IntraWeb in the far lead again in web technologies regardless of platform or language as IntraWeb used to be. IntraWeb 17 will serve not only existing Delphi / C++ developers but actively attract developers back to the Delphi / C++ platform.

Some planned features include:

  • Dynamic loading and management of applications
  • Server manager
  • New web form type, but existing web form types will still function “as is”. This will allow existing IntraWeb applications to run while allowing new type web forms to be added to existing applications without requiring rewrites of all forms.
  • Super responsive UIs – Users may not even know they are using web apps. IntraWeb had partial updates many years before AJAX even existed, and we are taking this style and size of jump forward again.
  • TypeScript integration
  • Websockets
  • WordPress integration
  • Limited execution of Delphi code “in the browser”