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IntraWeb XI Revival

IntraWeb XI Revival

Announcing new update for IntraWeb XI, for pre-unicode Delphi

Many of our customers are stuck on pre-unicode Delphi, mainly Delphi 7 and 2007, for various reasons. At the same time, browsers evolved and changed a lot. Customers have requested updates for IntraWeb XI so they can still keep their IntraWeb applications compatible with new browsers. We decided to reactivate IntraWeb XI and release a new update.

These updates won’t include new things introduced in IntraWeb XII and XIV – lots of new stuff recently – but we intend to make and keep it compatible with new browsers and fix the most critical bugs. So don’t expect new features and radical changes of things that have been working since latest IntraWeb XI release. You also should not expect updates as often as we release for versions XII and XIV. We are committing to this new release now, but we may release others in a “keep-alive” mode.

We also expect to keep IntraWeb XI interface stable and compatible with prior versions. This way, support to 3rd party components should not be a problem.

We are unifying our license keys, so the same key will be compatible with all Delphi/IntraWeb versions combination, including XI, XII and XIV. Customers with active subscription will be able to use the same license key in different versions of IntraWeb and different versions of Delphi IDE.

Within a few days we should be able to release a new IntraWeb XI version including compatibility with latest browsers.

The new update will be available for Delphi 7, 2006 and 2007 (all pre-unicode IDE’s supported by IntraWeb XI).