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IntraWeb ASPX deployment is coming!

IntraWeb ASPX deployment is coming!

As announced in December last year on our blog, a new way to deploy our application is almost ready.

Soon, IntraWeb XIV users would be able to deploy IntraWeb applications as ASPX applications, in IIS or any other web server that supports ASPX, like Cassini or its sucessor, UltiDev Web Server. The image below shows our classic Guess demo running as an ASPX application:

IntraWeb classic Guess demo running on IIS as a ASPX application

We’ve created a ASP.NET wrapper to deploy IntraWeb applications as ASPX applications. The IntraWeb application is the same! Still Delphi code, no C# or VB.NET code there, only Delphi. The wrapper application is a single and small .NET assembly DLL. This single wrapper application is able to work with all your IntraWeb applications at the same time. You just have to edit the Web.Config file and add your IntraWeb application path there.

IntraWeb application deployed on IIS as ASPX application

It will be easier to deploy and easier to configure. Every web hosting server based on Windows out there already supports ASPX, so the advantages over ISAPI are clear. Not every ASPX host will be able to run it, because the ASPX wrapper calls native code – your IntraWeb application – so it will require special permissions, but it is much easier than ISAPI.

If you are an ISAPI die-hard fan, don’t worry. ISAPI won’t go away and will remain as another deployment option, along with Stand Alone server and Windows Service. The more options of deployment the better!