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IntraWeb XII and IntraWeb XI keys for bundled users

IntraWeb XII and IntraWeb XI keys for bundled users

Please read this post if you are waiting for your bundled key for IW XI and IW XII.

First of all, sorry for the delay in delivering your bundled key. We were working on a more efficient process to make your key request an easier and direct process.

In the recent past, every IW key request was processed manually, but now it is fully automatic. We first automated the key request for old IW versions (9 and 10) and now we expanded it to XI and XII too.

You will request your IW key as usual, ie, you will login to the Atozed Purchase Point (APP) and request the corresponding bundled license and download the new Key Request application, when necessary.

The Key Request application will require your APP login / pwd (this is a mandatory step) in order to connect to the website and add your key request to the queue. After your key request is processed, you will receive an e-mail with your new key.

If anything is wrong during the key request process, the application will show you an error message.

Please be sure you are using a valid email address and check your spam folder for your key request.

Please contact us / post a question in the newsgroups if you have any trouble or doubt.