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Installing as a Service

Installing as a Service

Installing as a service fron Vista forward requires an extra step.

Excerpt from IntraWeb XI docs:


To install a service, add /install to the command line parameters. To uninstall, specify /uninstall. If the service is successfully installed, a dialog will appear saying that the service has been installed. If this dialog does not appear, the service has not been installed.

From Vista forward, services must be installed while running with specific adminsitrator permissions. Installing without administrator elevation will not produce any error, but no dialog will appear. Take caution to change the shortcut to “Run as Administrator” or start the command prompt with administrator priveleges.

Installing a service will not start the service although it will be set to AutoStart. The service will start when Windows starts, however it must be manually started the first time. This can be done from Control Panel, or by issuing “net start <servicename>” as an administrator.