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XI (doc) – Documentation

XI (doc) – Documentation

Docs have always been a major weak spot for IntraWeb. We’ve made several announcements and efforts to improve the docs, but something critical always seems to foil the best laid plans. With XI however, you really should notice a difference and here is why.

There are sevearl key items that are enabling us to finally improve the documentation situation for IntraWeb.

Doc First

For XI, we are documenting all new XI features before implementing them. We then implement the feature using the documentation. If the feature changes as we develop it, we return and update the documentation.

Blog Now

So that we can get the documentation out as fast as possible, we are simply entering them as blog entries. After the release of XI, we will return and use them as sources to be organized and integrated into a proper documentation system.

IPM Integrated Page Mode will allow us to finally clear the last hurdle, by creating an organized, feature rich, interactive documentation system. This will serve not only as documentation, but a great “workout” for IntraWeb XI.