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XI (doc) – IPM Primer

XI (doc) – IPM Primer

For years we have wanted to integrate IWS and IntraWeb. We had always assumed this would happen mostly in IWS and giving it abilities to consume and integreate IW. However with XI, in fact the reverse is occuring. IWS functionality is being implemented in IPM.

Is it a CMS?

Not directly, but with our previously announced SVN integration, IntraWeb XI certainly will be able to function as a CMS. This will become even more apparent after Server Manager is released.

Will it be a “Delphi Nuke”?

Personally I do not see it this way, however with the architecture and direction some may see it this as as XI and beyond will be able to perform many of the functions that others use x nuke products for.

What about Application Mode?

None of IntraWeb’s core features are going away. Application mode is a key feature behind IntraWeb. XI takes IntraWeb in a new direction by allowing not just applications, but websites to be developed. This is a major departure from previous architectures, but also allows you to seemlessly mix the concepts giving IntraWeb a unique advantage over the traditional approach of needing to mix three independent solutions together (Website, Application Code, CMS). Of course you can choose to use all three, two, or even just one aspect.

I can develop a traditional website in XI?

Yes. This is a major differing factor from previous IntraWeb versions. In fact, we will be converting the whole Atozed website as well as dozens of others that we maintain to XI as a proof of concept.

What will happen to IWS?

Eventually IWS (IntraWeb Studio) as an application will be adapted to use IntraWeb as a backend. Depending on the extensibility, the Delphi IDE may be used.