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XI (doc): New Authentication components

XI (doc): New Authentication components

IW XI has a new pallete with components for user authentication. Currently there are 3 components: TIWAutherINI, TIWAutherList and TIWAutherEvent. The ServerController has the new property Auther, which must be used to connect it to any of the available authentication components.


Use this component when you want to authenticate the users of your application againts a file from the disk. The component will search for the file #Auth.ini, which must be located in the same folder of the application. Yes there is a # in the filename. This means its a protected file.

The format of the file is a list of UserName and Passwords, like the format below:





Similar to TIWAutherINI, but the user list must be loaded in the property List, which is of type TStrings.


If you want to validade the users against a external source, use this component. Every time the application needs to perform user validation, the event OnCheck is triggered. Use the params in the event to perform a query in your user table in your database or to check user credetials in another source, like the network users of your company.