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XI: Server Manager

XI: Server Manager

XI will contain a server manager that contains some features made available by XI’s new Integrated Page Mode.

The Server Manager is an optional component that is installed on your server. It supports a variety of features.

Host Header Routing

The Server Manager intercepts all traffic based on the host header and routes it to a specified IntraWeb application. For example, you can have two applications running on the same IP and port, but one responds to and another responds to Because the server manager handles the routing, this means that the applications themself remain completely isolated from each other. Internally they run on their own, but the Server Manager will intercept the TCP stream and set up tunnels to the IntraWeb applications. URL based routing will not be supported.

Load Balancing (Future)

Very early versions of IntraWeb used a “sprocket manager” to do load balancing. This was phased out many years ago because of a change in IntraWeb’s architecture. Since that time, users have had to employ additional software to perform load balancing. In XI no load balancing feature will be available, however the Server Manager opens up this possibilty again and we plan to implement this feature at a later date.

Server Management

Server Manager can start and stop IntraWeb applications.

Server Creation and Upgrades

Server Manager can create new applications, and upgrade existing ones including static content for Integrated Page Mode.

SVN Integration

Server Manager can pull content from an SVN server. This feature is typically used to update static content used for Integrated Page Mode, while the main application (EXE) is upgraded through the server upgrade feature. The two features can be combined as a batch process so they happen seamlessly.


Server Manager will collect basic statistics on running applications regarding load, usage, etc.


Server Manager is designed to be extensible by developers and third parties.