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XI: New Project Structure

XI: New Project Structure

XI uses a new simplified project structure. The older structure is also still supported, however eventually will be phased out. To change to the new structure takes just a few seconds and has a big advantage.

No longer are separate projects needed for service versus standalone types. They are now handled by a single project. The old project types looked like this:

With GUI – Debug Mode


XI Unified

By default it runs as a service. To make it run as interactive you can pass /GUI on the command line, or you can add change TIWStart.Execute to TIWStart.Execute(true). The project wizard will be updated to pass /GUI during debugging. When deploying your application, you will need to pass /GUI or pass the additional argument of true to run in GUI mode.

Demos and New Projects

More recent Delphi IDEs store command line parameters in the .dproj file, while older ones store them in the .dof file. This makes reliably distributing demos more complicated. Because of this, new projects and demos default to passing the explicit aForceGUI parameter of true in the .dpr file. Before deploying you should remove the parameter or change it to false and set the debug options in the IDE to pass -GUI.