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iPod and iPhone pinch zoom work around

iPod and iPhone pinch zoom work around

IntraWeb 10 uses and older but generally more compatible way to render font sizes. Unfortunately the iPhone and iPod have some issues with this.

In IntraWeb XI or XII we plan to change this as browser have evolved. However until then you can use this work around courtesy of IntraWeb developer Ray White.

Hi, I know that myself and a few other people were having problems making the pinch-zoom function on the iphone and Ipod touch work. Previously I could only make this work with html 3.2 pages and only if you don’t use sessiontracking=tmhidden. But I just stumbled across something else that works (don’t know why).

If you put your application inside of a frame then it works!

I’m using a <frameset> tag haven’t tried an <IFrame> yet.
The frame I made has only the one window inside of it that contains the app (in other words the frame is invisible to the user).