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Want more docs? You can help!

Want more docs? You can help!

We are now working heavily on the docs as I promised we would. However you can help too!

In July I announced there would be a major push on documentation. We have now officially started on this. You may notice that the online documentation looks very ugly and plain. This is because we are focusing on getting more content imported immediately and we needed to simplify the deployment. Rather than make users wait for the content updates, we simplified it to make it available.

What’s New?

This week we spent a lot of time editing, updating, and removing old content that no longer applies. We’ve removed documentation about Visual Studio.NET 2003, Java, and so forth. We are now in the process of importing the content by hand and manually reviewing each topic from the old IntraWeb Manual.

We will be publishing our first set of changes soon.

Want to Help?

We have also separated the IntraWeb documentation into a separate project in our content management system. If you would like to contribute directly to the documentation, please contact us.