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License installed – but still in Evaluation mode

License installed – but still in Evaluation mode

Users often have trouble installing their license keys. Unfortunately there is not much we can do to reduce this problem, but fortunately the user solution is a simple one.


This occurs because of how Delphi manages paths, and often duplicate or left over files exist. IntraWeb stores your license key in a file called IWLicenseKey.pas. Because this file contains your license, you should never distribute any IWLicenseKey.* files. This file is a source file and does not need to be distributed with your application as the required information is compiled into the application.


  1. Search your complete system for IWLicenseKey.*. Delete any .pas, .dcu, and .obj files that match.
  2. Reinstall your key using the license key utility.
  3. Rebuild your application.