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Content path for SA HTTPSYS service

I would want to use an imagebuttom on my form, and as far as I understand, the images shown on the button, depending on the button's state, are to be placed in the contents path.

When installing a SA as a service, is the contents path then the same path as the executable ?

In the various descriptions I've seen / read, it is called the Contents Path, pointing to a directory where one would put the various files / images, being loaded into the page in various tags, such as IMG=, and in the ServerController, and at least one more place I don't recall right now, is a property called ContantFiles. I assume it is supposed to hold the directory path pointing to the files and images being loaded into the page. Descriptions mention it is important to have the path relative, so that it can be recognised by say IIS.

My question relates to this, however just with the twist that the HTTSYS application is running as a Service, not dependent on IIS or any other pageprovider software. What would be a relative path in that case ?

or can I use any directory, as long as the user running the service, have access to that directory ?
Make a folder called wwwroot in the exe dir and put your stuff in there.

See notes here:
Chad, that is the link I have for the doc as well but it doesn't come up. Server problem?

Soren, check again later if it doesn't appear for you.

Hi Dan,

I did not come up for me as well, but I found it here:

And Kudzu: Thanks for the info. I must admit I have seen the link, but have not read it, as migrating to 14 have not appealed to me coming in as a new 15 user and so I never thought of reading that. It reminds me not to judge contents just by a documents title....
Even if not migrating from earlier versions, the doc describes how some key features work. You might want to look through it. Some of that was changed at 14, still valid for 15.

Its documented elsewhere too, but Google turned up a valid result first so I went with that. Smile

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