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Intraweb check server without creating session
I recall a while back a way to call IW app to basically get valid response from IW app without creating a session.   I am running behind AWS load balancer and realized that I can have LB check for existince of a file , which satisfies health check, but it creates a session.

Plan is to set a lower default session timeout value with custom error messages and increase the timeout once a valid user login is detected.  

In future I may evaluate the user agent and let app create session then end it after responding as it would actually let the app respond that its alive rather than just returning a canned response.  I have had an instance where my app is "non responsive", but I can still pull a file from wwwroot if my load balance health just was just requesting a  file.

Anyway, thanks for reading this.
Content handlers can return content without creating a session. I think this may be what you are thinking about.
THanks for pointing me in that direction. I added a content handler and the AWS load balancer can detect my app instance and all is well.


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