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Not support TMS Intraweb Componets ?
IW 15.2.46/47 Get error message when Delphi started loading

  Unable to find the program entry point
  (Dynamic link library)

No problem when go back to install IW 15.2.41

... Not support TMS Intraweb Componets ?
I had the same problem, but after rebuilding the TMS Intraweb Components everything worked again.
Delphi DCUs are brittle because of their fast compile and link strategy. This means sometimes other libraries need recompiled from sources.

It has nothing to do with support or not. Its how Delphi works since Delphi 1.0 in around 1996.
When interface of IntraWeb components change - which is required, for instance, to introduce new features - dependent packages (TMS, CGDevTools, etc) need to be rebuilt from sources.

As Chad explained above, that's how Delphi packages work since day one. There is very little we can do about it, especially because there is very little we can do without changing the interface of the classes.
Yup, its done. Thank you all.
Reinstalled Tms Intraweb components.
(This is the occasion when I upgraded for the first time)

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