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JQDBGrid not working. What am I missing ?
Hi Guys,

I have (finally installed 10.4 Sidney and IW 15.2.10 and have made a simple test project (Stand Alone) to try out the IWJQDBGrid. Apart from putting components onto the unit1.form, the only property I have changed in the default files, is the ComInitalization in ServerController, which I have set to ciMultiTheraded.

On the unit1. form I have added an ADOConnection, an AdoQuery, a Datasource, a IWDBGrid and a IWJQDBGrid. Adoconnection is pointing to a local SQLEXpress database, and the table Varer (Items in Danish). I'v connected all components and added the SQL statement "select  varenr, varenavn from varer", and in the forms OnShow event, I execute AdoQuery.Open.

That's all. I'v attached a copy of the result screen (test1.jpg), where the top grid is the IWDBGrid, and the below is the IWJQDBGrid.

I hope someone can tell me what it is I'm missing, since the IWJQDBGrid is just saying Loading, where the IWDBGrid is showing the rows of the table.

I'v attached a zip file with all files in the project, except the exe-file.


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i have this problem before version 15.2.10,
but now not,
so i use unidac sqilte, and it's work well
best regards
(08-06-2020, 05:25 PM)softdev85 Wrote: i have this problem before version 15.2.10,
but now not,
so i use unidac sqilte, and  it's work well
best regards

Hi, and thanks for your reply.

I am using 15.2.10 but MsSql SQLExpress, and if it is working for you with unidac sqllite, it would appear to be a SQLExpress problem.

Since I have not made any changes to any properties except the mentioned ComInitialize in ServerController, and the needed properties settings to make AdoConnection, AdoQuery and DataSource connect, I wonder if there are any settings in the IWJQDBGrid properties I should have set.

Obviously the connection components are working correct since the standard IWDBGrid do show the table contents, so I my view it must be either the IWJQDBGrid component, or the combination of the grid component and the SQLExpress connection components. I just cannot see which.

Could you please tell my which properties of the IWJQDBGrid you have changed to make it work with unidac sqllite ?

Hi All,

I believe I have found the reason the IWJQDBGrid is just showing "loading" as apposed to the IWDBGrid which is actually showing the columns and rows of my table.

I have made it work by manually adding the columns and naming them the same as the column in the SQL table. So apposed to the IWDBGrid, the IWJQDBGrid do not automatically add the column based on the result set from the underlying Select statement. At least not in my test.

Does it mean it cannot add the columns automatically and that all columns to be viewed has to be defined at design time ?

or is there still something I have overlooked ?

no, the columns are not add automaticaly,
you must indicate the feild name,
and after this dbgrid work

i have this problem also,
but he work

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