15.5.10 Version History

What’s new

  • Extended and improved OnAsyncResize event (also OnResize). New fields IW_VP_height and IW_VP_width (VP stands for ViewPort) can now be obtained from EventParams during an OnAsyncResize event to retrieve the actual size of the view port (the visible area of the window), not considering the scrollbars (if visible).
  • Enhanced error handling during session creation/execution. Guards created to guarantee session unlocking in case of any exception while the session is being created and/or executed.

Bug fixes

  • When ServerController.LockerOptions.ShowLoadingAnimation = False, the loading form would post a request to IW Server with an invalid URL resulting in 404 status. The page loads and works correctly, though
  • Fixing HTML validation according to W3C tools (e.g. wrong trailing slash on link tag elements, invalid color names, etc.)