15.2.69 Version History

What’s new

  • New events OnAsyncPlay, OnAsyncPause, OnAsyncError, OnAsyncEnded and OnAsyncWaiting implemented in IWAudio and IWVideo controls
  • New event OnAsyncPageLoaded added to IWForm. This async event triggers when the page has just finished loading on browser side. It can be used as any other event Async event, including updating the page. Have in mind that it will always occur including when user refreshes the browser (e.g. F5 key pressed)
  • New form event OnAsyncPageUnloaded added to IWForm. This async event triggers when the page is unloaded on browser side (due to browser/tab closing). 
  • IWApplication’s SelfDestruct method. Terminates a session if no other request is received after a minimum <aSecs> interval. If the time is not specified, the default 15 seconds time will be used.  This method was introduced to be used with OnAsyncPageUnloaded and allows quick destruction of a session if the browser/browser tab is closed or the end user explicitly leaves the application.
  • New class properties added to TIWSelect LocalJavaScriptFolder and LocalStyleFolder allow better control of local file structure


  • IWCanvas, IWChartJS, IWjQAccordion, IWjQGrid, IWjQPageControl and IWSelect refactored to use common methods to render local URL

Bug fixes

  • Few fixes in AJAX request (duplicate IW parameters sent in GET requests)
  • Fixes rendering of line breaks and special chars in various controls (IWCheckBox, IWButton, IWLabel). Also fixes rendering of hints in some corner cases.
  • IWDBGrid would render an old DataSet snapshot when the DataSet is closed after rendering the first time
  • IWSimpleJSON possibly using uninitialized field
  • Fixed Resizing of IWjQPageControl when control is anchored