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2 Intraweb installations

Is it possible to have 2 instalations of Intraweb in the same computer without problem, conflict :

- 1 Intraweb 14 with Delphi Tokyo
- 1 Intraweb 15 with Delphi 10.3.1

they are two ultimate versions of Intraweb. The goal is to migrate from Delphi Tokyo to Delphi 10.3.1.

thank you for your help

There are a few ways. You have listed one of them. You can have different versions in different IDEs.

Just make sure each IDE only has the version you want in its path and loaded package list and it works fine.

Unless you are moving from a very old version of 14 though (and since you are using 10.2 already, that is unlikely), 15 is almost completely backwards compatible with 14, as is 10.3.1 to 10.2.

You an probably just load straight up in 10.3.1/15 and aside from changing package references, no other changes are likely to be required.

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