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Frame Alignment Issues - IW 15.0.17
Hi - am trying to build quite a complex web app using multiple frames which are created dynamically as needed.

The problem I'm having is that the first time I create the frames, they don't align where I want - there's a big gap at the top despite the frame with the black border being alTop. It takes a further screen refresh to get them correctly displaying.

[Image: iwbad.png]

After a screen refresh:

[Image: iwgood.png]

I've tried using MainForm.ForceAlign, but it doesn't seem to have helped.

Any ideas welcome, thanks in advance.

I've asked Alexandre to respond to this question.
I need some sample code used to create the frames so I can start investigating. Better yet a sample application showing it.

We have very complex test cases just like that which work fine with latest IW 15, so I need some example to compare

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