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trying to purchase IW, coupon code doesn't work
Im trying to purchase IW Ultimate, single developer.  (nominal price of 399 euro)
I login to the purchase point application, try to purchase the IW Ultimate single developer, but when I enter the coupon code that I received via email from AtoZed, it tells me invalid coupon.  Tried it several times, same results.

The email from AtoZed says:
Coupon Expiry Date: Nov.18.2018
...and right now its still Nov 17th here in the USA.

I'd like to make this purchase, but I'd like the discount offered in the email, with the coupon code.
Is this possible?
Chisolm Wilson
Please email elk at atozed com and they can help reissue the coupon.

Our servers are not located in the US as we are not a US company. We are an EU company and because of regulatory issues, that server is also within the EU.
I have forwarded your message to the admin dept and you should have a new coupon in your email now.
No email received yet...but I guess I'll give it a day or so (?)
Check your spam filters. They often trap the coupons.

That failing, I can forward it to you in a PM using this forum.
thanks - I dont have any spam filters enabled. No email has come to me from Atozed. And btw I did email elk at atozed dot com, didn't hear anything back.
So yes if you can forward to me via PM, that'd be great. Thx.
Sorry there was a mixup. There was another customer in the DB that visually was very similar. You should have your coupon now. I have also sent it by PM on this forum.

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