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IntraWeb17 - Making legacy systems modern
From a user written article on LinkedIn.


IW17 will introduce IWML, which will replace DFM (imperceptibly), IWML is an Oasis for the eyes of those who have tried to express themselves in HTML, in frameworks such as Angular, Polymer, Vue.js, etc.

IW17 will make it easier to migrate to other languages (I doubt anyone will), and will also make it possible to migrate to Lazarus in the future.

It will be very easy to migrate from the current IW solution to 17 (even the current pages will be able to run, side by side, with the newer ones), that is, there is already a consolidated market, with many companies using it.
What both solutions are good about, is that they are the first two frameworks to use the potential of the Browser, without the need to write a single line in JavaScript or another alien dialect.


Companies like Google and Microsoft make it seem like making systems today , is a sharks thing, that we barracudas have to settle for being just one piece of a huge gear, you need to hire Santa and all his elves to make an application nowadays.

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