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Problems with NonEditableAsLabel property
we are experiencing some troubles when using TIWEdit,TIWDBEdit and similar classes when their property NonEditableAsLabel is set to True in IW 15.0.14.
In some projects made on IW 12 we needed to change at run time the Editable property and all worked fine: anytime we switched the Editable property to True, the next render the components were created as HTML input text. With False, they were rendered as a span. Client and server were correctly alligned about these components value (I could see that in the form sent in the request body we always had a field for this components, regardless of their Editable property).
In IW 15.0.14 this doesn't happen anymore: if we render a component with Editable set to False (rendered as HTML span) and the we change the property to True, this component doesn't become a input text anymore. The hidden IW form always contains the field value, but it's empty. So client and server are not aligned (for these object I'm always getting a '' string).
Also, with NonEditableAsLabel is True, the data aware components don't seem to work well with Editable to True too.

Someone had similar problems?
To Atozed: I can provide a test application if you need one.

Kind regards.

Marco Gallizio
MondoEDP s.rl.
Hi Marco,

If you have a test application, yes, please send it to alexandre [at] atozed dot com.

I'll have a look asap

Kind regards,

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