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Strange behavior (IIS 8.5 and isapi)

My project is deployed over IIS 8.5 (windows 2012 R2 server) as isapi, and it's configurated by the follows of this paper

info about the project, IW 14.1 and CGdevtools, Servercontroller timeout to 20 mins.

everything works fine, it's a simple project where clients makes login and displays some simple data. When the user makes clic over a menu the IWproject answers quickly.

But, am noticed that if the user is working on a sesion (navigating through the menus ), and leaves the application still for more than 1 minute (minimum) in absolutly inactivity, 
the first clic wherever is it (even if the clic is just to show some frame and not accesing any data), takes around 1 minute to be procesed, experiencing a LAG.

I don't know why it is happening, because if the user work on the IWproject making constant clics and accesing the data, all seems to be fine.
the problem is if you make a pause for more than 1 minute.

I don't know the cause, but it seems like the IIS lost the reference of the session, and after 1 minute , at a new request, it has to build again (am not sure about this).

somebody has the same behavior?
is left some setup on IIS??
maybe something about garbage, or cache files, something?

I want to say that IW its a great product, but this bug make unhhappy the customers who thinks that thw webbrowser is freezing.

1.  I saw a report with this same case, but noones answered to him, at
2.  Your first clue will be the database connection, but, I'd made a sample project with just navigate throug menus, showning controls, and the LAG is present too.
3. this demo, from CGDevTools, has the same behavior, after 1 minute of inactivity, a new request takes a long time (like a new connection)

test it by yourself.

Can you help us?
anyone in the Atozed community have the same problem?
Have you confirmed that CGDevTools app is actually doing that (and have a longer timeout) or you are just speculating.

It is possible that CGDevTools ISAPI app is set to expire after 1 minute (it is a demo app and they might get the session dropped as soon as possible).

Anyway, I'll need more info about your system. More specifically: Windows version (including updates once Windows updates are breaking lots of stuff lately, IIS version (including build number if available).
Hi, have you tried:
1) to make a demo wihout using cgdevtools? just as small app with iw menus.
2) Run the app as a stand alone server

So you can either chek if cgdevtools or iis has something to do with
also you said you set the timeout to 20 minutes? what is real value have you set in servercontroller? because the timeout value must be expressed in seconds.

Also, as Alex said, you should details f your environment:
iW vesion, delphi version, windows and IIs versions.

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