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New IntraWeb Forum!
As of mid March 2018 we have transitioned to the web forums, so do not be alarmed by the lack of older messages.

We are hear, just waiting for users to migrate off of email and NNTP support, so let's talk CrossTalk!

I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this question but as I am not able to find any better place by myself so am posting it here with request for further guidance from admins.

I have been eagerly waiting for the next version of Intraweb which I understand is under the beta testing as of now. In this regards, I wanted to know if any interested person desiring to have the privilege of testing your eagerly awaited great product can place a request for same or send request through email or in any other way to appropriate manner to your esteemed organization please.

For example if an Embarcadero MVP who is also beta testing next version of RAD Studio and who has already worked with Intraweb version 14/15 wants to test your latest beta version of Intraweb 17 then whom should that MVP contact for getting the beta access please?

Thanking you in anticipation and looking forward to your favourable response.

Sunil Kumar Arora
Thank you for your interest. Please email atozed.sales on gmail.
Thanks for that Kudzu.

As advised by you, I have sent email to atozed.sales on gmail as well have joined the related telegram group.

Now, eagerly looking forward to playing some productive role in the beta testing....keeping the fingers crossed Smile

Thanks and regards
Will PM you shortly.
Hi I don't understand how to make a new post. So I try this instead.

After installing Patch 1 for RAD Studio 11.2 do I have to reinstall Intraweb?

Strange things is happening. I often have to click to times on buttons.
Om ons side I fill in some fields and click on the button. First time the fileds are cleared, second time the buttons onclick event is executed.
And telling me fields are empty (as i check that in the code)

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