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ajaxCall large data
I try to send some data from the client using the javascript ajaxCall function, but it raises EIdReadLnMaxLineLengthExceeded exception when the datasize is above 16k. Is there a way to set or increase this 'MaxLineLength' limit when the IWServerController, WebApplication or UserSession is created?
1) This is an Indy feature and designed to prevent out of memory type attacks. You can modify it. Offhand I don't remember the exact way, but you can easily search that in the Indy code and find it. Or google will likely turn up a result quickly.

Generally its safe to increase it but don't make it unlimited as Indy will always use memory to buffer individual line input. You dont want users sending 4MB or 4GB "lines" as an attack.

2) You could also split the data into multiple lines if that is an option.

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