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Tokenized links

we recently upgraded to Delphi 10.4.1 and also to Intraweb 15

The problem now is that our tokenized link functionality does not work anymore. We cannot debug it completely because some files are missing from the Intraweb sources (e.g. IWServer.pas and IWServerSession.pas)

The idea is that based on the contents of the link a different page is opened. 

Where can we get these sources? 


Which sources are you using? The control sources or the ones available with an IntraWeb Ultimate license?

Opening a different page based on link contents is not a difficult task and is as simple as simply having some conditional logic in the click events. Those 2 units not deal with links.
What IW version were you using before?

Is that link generated on the fly? Does it have an associated content handler?

Are you able to provide a simple test case showing this issue? I'd like to see exactly what's happening

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