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TIWEdit - RegionalSettings are ignored
Hi guys,

RegionalSettings for edit-control is a good idea.

Setting in IWServerControllerBaseConfig and/or in IWServerControllerBaseNewSession works fine because IWEdit.RegionalSettings returns the correct values.

Properties of IWEdit are defined as

- DataType = stNumber
- DataTypeOptions.NumberType = ntFloat
- DataTypeOptions.NumberValidation = nvIntraWeb
- DataTypeOptions.FloatDP = 2

BUT while editing IWEdit only dot is accepted when DecimalSeparator is defined as comma. If DecimalSeparator is defined as dot neither dot nor comma are accepted.

Something wrong on my side or a bug?!

Thanks in advance for a solution!
The way to success is always under construction ... but i see a light at the end of the tunnel  Idea Big Grin

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