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None technical thread - how are you during COVID19 pandemic
I have no questions to ask i am just posting this thread to check on all of you during this pandemic COVID19. Specially @rlebeau how are you bro during this pandemic? 
I wanted to thank you for all your efforts in helping everyone as possible as you can.
I have learned alot from you even when i knew nothing about delphi and from where to start with most basic things, i will never forget that.
Thank you bazillion times. for me its so rare to find a knowledgeable expert who teach without waiting any thing from his teaching and helping, you are great human being.
Thank you to every one who make a forum like this to make it easy to communicate and get help from experts in easy way. 

Stay safe everyone, stay home hopefully this pandemic pass with no harm ♥️
I cant speak for Remy.

But here we are good but restricted of course. Ive been preparing since mid Feb and we stocked up months of groceries and pulled kids out of school in early March... so we good. Smile
(04-18-2020, 08:47 AM)Madammar Wrote: Specially @rlebeau how are you bro during this pandemic? 

I'm doing fine.


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