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Weird session form overlay issue and memory leaks
A few quick comments to wrap up this thread.

>>This is not a bug. If you can explain what the issue is
>>I can also make the explanation clearer.

It was an IW bug which was fixed long ago, maybe years ago.  bob9999 mentioned it and I also remember it.  It's a non-issue because async and sync do work together now.

>>I'm not exactly sure what's the relevant info that has been removed. Can you please elaborate?

bob999's pre-edited paraphrased post:  "Great idea, it worked!, seems viable, makes sense, still worried about memory leak, etc.".  The post was on topic.  I'd like to know why you edited a post you didn't write and not directed at you.  Should you be doing that?  Will you be doing that kind of stuff going forward?  Not knowing that answer I'll have to do yet *another* IW workaround:  I'll delete and re-add myself to this forum but my new user name will be 'shakira', that way you'll probably be nicer to me.  bob9999, you may have to come back as 'celine5678' to make up for your breach of forum etiquette (can't go around saying things like "Great idea, it worked...").

Alexandre - peace man.

In a forum about html and css they should give you a solution on how to create a css code, for example, to create three fields side by side. The middle field will adjust its width dynamically to the width of the browser window, wrapping the text it has in it. This way the button field, the first on the right, will always stick to the right side. I needed a similar code the other day and searching through a forum I found a solution within a couple of hours.
> I'd like to know why you edited a post you didn't write and not directed at you

again I have no idea what you are talking about. AFAIR, I never edited someone else's post on this forum (and didn't delete them either). Why you think I did it is not clear to me.

> to make up for your breach of forum etiquette

again, I think you are starting from the wrong assumption (that I edited something targeted to you) and, worse, that it was a personal thing, i.e. I did it because it was *you* and not a user named Shakira. It doesn't make sense to me.
Did we have any personal issues in the past that makes you believe that I act personally in this forum?
>>Why you think I did it is not clear to me.

[Image: forum_post.png]

Again, what was lost was an acknowledgment that an easy fix existed for a production issue for anyone still using 15.0.4 - 15.1.7.  I think you missed the entire point, that the offending bug from 15.0.4 was fixed and nothing more needed to be done.   You seemed to think we believed that sync and async couldn't be used together or couldn't launch forms, that was not the case.

>>Did we have any personal issues in the past that makes 
>>you believe that I act personally in this forum?

An attempt at humor.  'shakira' going to be at the superbowl this Sunday (she's playing quarter back I think).  We should move on.
Oh, I see now. This was probably an attempt to edit my own response to Bob which somehow got screwed. Or the browser did it or I did it. Anyway it was not intentional. I guess human mistakes are not "breach of forum etiquette", or are they?

I didn't assume that Bob was thinking that sync and async events couldn't work together. But, as you know, the forum is used by several users and I don't want this kind of thing "there is a bug in IW which prevents this or that" to go unresponded.

> We should move on

I already did
Hi there.  I have completed my sweep through my whole application changing from async to sync click events were just a new form is invoked.  Since then, the weird rendering issues have stopped.  What appears to occur is the browser sees field names the same between forms and then will keep these around just changing the position and then load the remainder of the form.  This then looks to the user that fields move position while on the same form and then the rest of the form appears around.  The changing of forms now displays that spinner on the screen while loading but at least the whole form loads sovereign now.  This also solved some incremental rendering that was occurring in async too in the browser so when a control is displayed it is 100% rendered now for the impatient user to action.

Now that massive task is completed in my application, I can now retest the memory leak issue to see if this also lessens or solves this.

Thank you to all that have contributed to this thread.

Hi there.  I ran into something new in the Chrome browser I wanted to share out in hopes someone else can be saved some pain.  I was having a weird issue sporadically out in the field in Chrome browsers.

I have a form that has hidden fields until a user clicks a button to show details.  The issue comes up when the details loaded for a customer and then the user loads up a new form.  When this form is then displayed again without the details shown, the previous shown fields are still inside the browser hidden with their last values.  Then in my code I test to see if there are values and then act on this even though technically these are blank during an add since the user has decided to keep the details hidden.  Clicking on the details button then will show the blank fields that are really there and then the code acts properly.

I had to code a workaround to never trust the browser to have hidden fields blank as they should be for an add event the way I have my form designed.  The situation seems to appear depending on local load on the user machine or some other unknown Google formula probably due to the memory/resource hog it is.  I have had a day filled with Chrome issues (a plugin method was depreciated apparently and then when Chrome was upgraded no more plugin so I have to hack some java now).

Anyway, I just wanted to share my plight out in hopes it will assist someone else.  Be very careful with "blank" invisible fields in Chrome since it may keep a image of the previous values and mess you up assuming your form load is sovereign.


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