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Connection not responding
More times during the day, users are not able connecting to my IW appication that runs as service. The causes seem to be disconnection from the browser without leaving the application. It is necessary to restart the service. I had set a timeout period, but this did not solve the problem. Any suggestion? Is there a way to stop and restart automatically the sewrvice itself? Could this be a solution?
If your service is dying, the most common cause is user code causing deadlocks, memory corruption or other such fatal errors.

While you can ping and restart your service as a short term solution, this is a hack and won't solve the root issue.

"The causes seem to be disconnection from the browser without leaving the application."

This may indicate that you have a problem in your code that occurs when the sessions are terminated. If so, you should be able to reproduce this rather easily while running in the debugger and see what is going on with breakpoints.
Thank you for your answer,
I revised the sourse and have followed your cocumentation about user Session schema. Before I was using DM and userSession directly from units. Now everything passes through UserSession.
I think I have solved... hope
Thank you very very much for your suggestions.
Best regards
Oronzo Conte
Thanks for letting us know that it has been solved.

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