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IW 17 As Apache module on Linux ?
I cannot imagine how wine could start before login since it requires GUI and linux does not start GUI before login.
Can you set the service to restart after GUI? Or can you use SA?
I do use SA since http.sys is not possible, like I have explained in detail before. Restart after login works but is of no use.
Ive not used wine myself but I know several users are using it. But if you are using SA, how are you starting it up?

Also there is a major new WINE release. Maybe there are some new features that may help in your situation?
(01-23-2020, 09:46 PM)kudzu Wrote: But if you are using SA, how are you starting it up?
I tried this and it worked but only after login, so it is of no use.
Connect via remote desktop
enter => gnome-session-properties
add => wine "path-to-my-application"

Fortunately, my VPS provider very ralely switches off its computer net.
Are you following the other users on youtube who have shown how to use WINE or are these your own steps?
By searching a hundered pages with wine on linux I could not find any way to start wine before login.

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