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JQDBGrid not working. What am I missing ?
(08-06-2020, 05:25 PM)softdev85 Wrote: i have this problem before version 15.2.10,
but now not,
so i use unidac sqilte, and  it's work well
best regards

Hi, and thanks for your reply.

I am using 15.2.10 but MsSql SQLExpress, and if it is working for you with unidac sqllite, it would appear to be a SQLExpress problem.

Since I have not made any changes to any properties except the mentioned ComInitialize in ServerController, and the needed properties settings to make AdoConnection, AdoQuery and DataSource connect, I wonder if there are any settings in the IWJQDBGrid properties I should have set.

Obviously the connection components are working correct since the standard IWDBGrid do show the table contents, so I my view it must be either the IWJQDBGrid component, or the combination of the grid component and the SQLExpress connection components. I just cannot see which.

Could you please tell my which properties of the IWJQDBGrid you have changed to make it work with unidac sqllite ?


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