15.6.0 Version History

What’s new

  • Intoducing LibDeflate compression for IntraWeb. IntraWeb is the first framework for Delphi to make available to its users the new libdeflate library without external dependencies. LibDeflate creates compressed gzip/zlib compatible streams (and files) 2 to 3 times faster than standard zlib that comes with Delphi. It is also much faster than our previous Cloudflare zlib branch, which used to be the fastest zlib implementation available. Just rebuild your application with the new IW 15.6.0 to get an instant boost in performance. Note: Due to bugs/imcompatibilities in older Delphi compilers this implementation is not available for Delphi 2009, 2010 and XE.
  • New property ServerController.Compression.CompressorImplementation. It controls which compressor implementation IntraWeb will use to compress HTTP(S) responses. The default is the new libdeflate, as described above.
  • New feature: TIWTemplateProcessorHTML.LoadFromResource allows to load HTML template directly from a resource linked to the executable. Other external files required by an HTML template like JS, CSS and media, can also be loaded from resources. A new demo will follow.
  • New component IWSweetAlert, allows using SweetAlerts messages directly from Delphi code with ease
  • New property: IWFileUploader.AllowDragAndDrop, default True. When False, drag and drop of files will be disabled

Bug fix

  • Width and Height of IWForms wouldn’t update correctly before executing the form causing problems with anchored components
  • IWDBNavigator would fail to paint (with an exception) at design time
  • Various fixes regarding IWjQGrid rendering when RenderLocalFiles = True. Fixes downloads of some required files (also when RenderLocalFiles = True). Public property CssPath renamed to jQueryUIThemeCssPath for clarity. Code using this property must be adjusted.


  • IW.Common.CopyParser2 removed from IW  codebase and replaced by TIWTemplateParserHTML class (the same used in our template engine).
  • New option to use classic IWRegion drawing at design time. A new string option must be included in Windows registry to enable the classic drawing (Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Atozed Software\Intraweb\PaintHandlers, string option ClassicRegionDraw = 1)