15.2.63 Version History

What’s new

  • New property TIWPageContext40.BodyScriptModule allows addition of JavaScript code in script module tags.
    ScriptFiles also accept file extension “.mjs”. In this case, a type=”module” attribute will added to the rendered script tag. These features combined allow users to easily integrate JavaScript modules into their IntraWeb applications.
  • JavaScript method IW.History.loadedFromCache() returns true if IW detects that the page is being reloaded from the browser cache (this method should be used during the initialization code of the page or, alternatively, in jQuery’s onReady() event)


  • Performance improvements in several areas

Bug fixes

  • IWChartJS and IWCanvas would fail to render in async multiple times
  • Issues with Async rendering of controls created at runtime (usually involving more than 1 control, including an IWGrid)
  • In Http.sys applications, when URLBase is set (e.g. /myapp/) typing http(s)://www.yourserver.com/mypp (without the last backslash) shouldn’t return status 404
  • Cannot use IWFileUploader as a TIWFileUploader component name