15.2.52 Version History

What’s New

  • New property TContentRedirect.PrependBaseUrl, default is False, except when the associated URL is set to ‘/’ (URL delimiter). In this case it will be set to True by default. When True, the BaseURL of the session will be prepended to the redirect path. This may be required when redirecting to the same session and UniqueURL is also set.
  • New public properties of THttpFile class, FileSize_WebApi, MIMEType_WebApi and LastModified_WebApi can be obtained from uploaded files using IWFileUploader, if browser supports it.
    – FileSize_WebApi: Size in bytes of the file, as reported by the browser
    – MIMEType_WebApi: MIME type of the file
    – LastModified_WebApi: Last modified date/time of the file (TDateTime) in UTC (GMT)
  • New IWEdit.SelectAll method, selects all text of the associated input control

Bug fixes

  • IWCheckBox AsyncClick being triggered twice (Plese notice that OnChange/OnAsyncChange are the preferred events to respond to state changes)
  • IWCheckBox and IWRadioButton OnAsyncEnter/OnAsyncExit events should work as expected now. Please notice that these events are triggered whenever the associated input control (the check box or the radio button, not the text part of the control) receive/lose focus. 


  • New public property TIWControl.IWCLName
  • Some other minor improvements and fixes