15.1.6 Version History

What’s New

  • New class method CheckMimeType helps user to detect a few specific file types after upload is complete based on file signature
  • SetWorkingDir and WorkingDir properties introduced in TIWCGIRunner class. When SetWorkingDir is True (default) and WorkingDir is empty, the CGI script path will be used as working directory.

Bug fixes

  • Unregistration of callback functions could fail
  • issue rendering aligned controls of CG Dev Tools package (e.g. accordion)
  • Style issues with templates and CG Dev Tools
  • IWBS issues/IWBSRadioButton fix
  • JavaScript error when setting IWTreeView.ScrollToName property
  • When using URLBase, cookie path should not end with a slash
  • Changing ZIndex during Async call doesn’t invalidate IWCustomControl or IWCustomRegion and descendants
  • When using templates, showing/hiding controls would fail if TemplateProcessor.RenderStyles = True
  • AcceptFiles not accepting correct strings
  • compatibility issue with IE (possible JS error after Ajax calls)
  • Under some circumstances, a browser refresh would change the active form in the browser
  • IWBSRestServer callback methods with empty parameters would fail
  • Possible JavaScript error in IE (all versions) when processing an Ajax request
  • Search Engine content handler would fail to execute during session initialization
  • Call to ajaxCall() could fail if no parameter was provided


  • Unregistration of standard callbacks for IWCustomControls when destroying

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