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Built with Intraweb - showcase/advice

Is anyone interested in showing off an app they have built?  Why.... To get some feedback, suggestions, criticism from your peers / fellow Intraweb developers.

If anyone is interested, let me know and I will share my app (screenshots or link to video ) once I launch version 0.1  (I am onboarding my first real user now and fixing and re-working some things that I did not anticipate - as a result of their feedback)  Smile

We are always looking for screenshots, videos, or even full case studies to show off.

I will do so as soon as I finish my next web reservation app (V3). It will be up on our demo site so it will be actual running application and I am hopeful if I can get a few of the edit controls re-working, it will show what responsive BS 4.x can do.

All the best,


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