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New IWTreeView demo
Hi guys,

thanks to Pete d'Oronzio we have a very nice demo of new IWTreeView features, including full Async support.

* this demo requires IW 15.0.11+

Please be aware that this demo uses the standard built in images but they can be easily configured. Everything in this tree view can be customized, including:
- sub-captions of nodes, images of nodes and also plus/minus sign, font and background of nodes and children, transition effect, custom css classes (and styles) for each style used.
Very nice demo. I see this and I think, can a node be moved using mouse? Or is that not possible here? I am working on a electronic file and have a file cabinet hierarchy. I know that I can get the information from on click event to update the document to correct folder/section, but I now an user will ask "cant I just drag and drop"

-> Folder
-> Document (sorted by date descending)
Home Folder
Inspection Section
Inspection report document (s)
Permit Section
Permit Document (s)

User clicks on document and gets pop-up to view the PDF or jpeg/png etc....

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